Welcome to Katy Students Run

Katy Students Run focuses on transforming the lives of high school students in the Katy area by developing character and promoting healthy choices through training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon.

Latest News

2016-2017 Season Kick-off happening soon!

Leads Training Aug 5th

Mentor Training Aug 13th

First week of practice Sept 5th


Core values

KSR Goals

These are KSR's 7 ways to achieve a goal


It’s great to dream. Dream big. But, when you are ready to actually turn one of your dreams into reality, the first key to making it a reality is to consciously DECIDE to do whatever you have been dreaming about.


The next step to achieving your goal is to write a goal statement and then make a plan. The acronym SMART guides us in writing a well-defined goal statement (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Time bound).

commit picture


Being committed to your goal is making a promise (to yourself, your friends, your family) to stick with your goal even when it gets difficult.


Surround yourself with a community of positive and supportive people & organizations who can help you. Make a list of people you can go to. The kind of help you need varies depending on your goal.

Give Back

We have a responsibility to express gratitude to those who help us. Volunteer your time, say thank you verbally and or with a handwritten Thank You note

Quality Choices

Your commitment to your goal can guide choices you make. Consider your goal(s) when making choices and make good choices that will move you toward your goal(s) as opposed to away from them.